Battery testing

The development and production of batteries is on an ever-increasing trend as more and more households and industry use this product, lot of new devices are powered by batteries, such as children’s toys, drones, ITO devices, hand tools, automobiles , etc. Testing the batteries is extremely important from the point of view of reliability, lifetime and safety, because certain uses, injuries can lead to ignition of the product and personal injury. Battery testing can generally be divided into three main groups: environmental exposure tests, mechanical tests, and electrical tests.

During the environmental test, we examine the effect of environmental loads of a product for its lifetime. Most common tests: temperature change, vibration, humidity, IP tests. During mechanical tests, we examine the cases when the battery is exposed to some external mechanical action during transport, installation, or use, during which damage may occur. The most common tests are: drop test, crush test, penetration test, fire resistance test.

During electrical tests, the electrical effects on the battery and their consequences are examined, such as: overcharge\over discharge protection, external short circuit protection, over-temperature protection testing by cycling charge and discharge under temperature conditioning.

The most typical standards according to which we test:

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