Examination and evaluation of medical devices
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Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment
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Examination and evaluation of laboratory devices
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ConformiTICs Lab provides independent testing and inspection services to various fields of the industry, manufacturers and other market players. Key testing and inspection fields include medical, laboratory, consumer electronic and information technology devices as well as automotive products. As a result of the changes, the conformity of the equip-ment must be certified by the manufacturers in accordance with the latest regulations and requirements. These certifications are required from the manufacturers by assigned certification bodies. In the majority of cases, conformity can be certified with an inspection conducted by an independent third party along with the related inspection protocol.


To ensure the reliability of products crucial to test and analyse them in the different phases of the development and production. We perform tests and inspections of products, samlples, materials from different industries (eg. automotive, lightning, medical, aerospace, engineering, battery, etc.)

Fields of analysis

Our laboratory conducts tests in accordance with standards, performed by technical experts who possess great proficiency and experience. ComformiTICs Lab Ltd. continuously extends its portfolio and accreditations. We offer inspections in the following fields: an extensive range of electrical inspections; EMC, acoustic measurements; material characterization and metallography; environmental tests (climate , humidity, IP, salt spray, dust etc.); mechanical tests and vibration; full-scale photometric and lighting testing

Focus areas:



Medical devices testing

Automotive testing

Battery testing

Household appliance testing

Laboratory devices testing

Audio,video, IT equipment


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