Lighting testing

Lighting testing

Lighting testing 

As rapidly evolving technology continues at pace, it is more important than ever to keep up with changing regulations, standards and compliance requirements.  We have access to a lighting dedicated ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory to provide testing, certification and consultancy around the whole range of lighting products.  Whether you or your clients need to ascertain the performance characteristics of your products, or need a robust technical file to ensure that your product is fully safe and compliant to use, we can help. 

Photometric testing 

We can provide UKAS (ILAC) accredited goniometric testing using a state of the art Type C Goniometer, giving intensity distribution measurements, IES / Eulumdat files and UKAS Accredited LM-79 / EN 13032 reports.  These reports include high resolution images for marketing datasheets, spectral analysis including CCT, CRI, and glare and flicker assessment. 

Safety testing 

The main safety standard for lighting is understandably complex requiring a modular approach to enable our clients to de-risk their safety concerns and manage testing costs effectively.  With compliance to the Low Voltage Directive, testing covers every aspect including lamp, module / light engine, luminaire, drivers and controls.  UKAS accredited testing to BS EN 60598 available. 

We also have access to Optical Hazard Testing expertise around 62471 and 62778 (blue light hazard for LED fittings).

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