Bence Berencsi

Certified Mechanical and Quality Engineer with 20+ years of experience in quality management and conformity assessment.
He is a lecturer at several university on courses related to the CE marking and safety of industrial machines and regularly gives lectures at conferences and other professional events.
He participates in standard-setting tasks in several committees of the Hungarian Standards Institution and is a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers.
He is the Founder and Managing Director of SAASCO Consulting and Engineering Ltd. and also participates as a consultant, assessor and trainer in certain projects.

Attila Juhász

I am a certified mechanical engineer. Following 15 years' industrial experience, I began to deal with the creation and operation of quality management systems in 2015.
I also possess 20+ years of experience in the field of the EU regulations and quality management of medical devices including industrial application and relating consulting activities. I have gained 20 years' experience as an auditor in ISO 9001/ISO 13485.
As a member of the medical devices working group of the Hungarian Standards Institution , I participate in the standardization work. I am the Leader of the Division of Medical Devices at SAASCO Consulting and Engineering Ltd. I have held and developed several trainings, and also take part in practical and consulting tasks.

Zoltán Karászi

As an electronics engineer and economist, I have been always looking for the combination of ways of thinking. The subject and origo of this combination is the active and intelligent human being, let it be a creative mind, a guard of a system or the consumer of a product.

Most importantly, to organizations which I participated in or I founded during my professional carrier I contributed usually by questioning the status quo, finding new ways and by sharing the discovered knowledge, while pushing these companies for conscious growth by exercising the “innovation necesse est vivere non est necesse” principle!


Ágoston Lóth

As a technical manager, I believe that a business field can be operated efficiently, customer-oriented and economically only if the manager posesses the necessary technical and management knowledge at the same time.

For the past 7 years, I have worked in various project management positions, during which I have focused on building team unit, exploiting synergies and automating systems as much as possible in order to achieve team goals. It is characteristic of me that I take an innovative approach to every task, I am not afraid of the unknown challanges, I like to deal with projects that need to be built and succeeded from the construction of the concept.

Gábor Tasnádi

I am a hardworking and enthusiastic economist-engineer with total 7 years of experience in leadership. I am passionate about my goal to grow a company with strong HR and Strategy orientation in order to satisfy the owners, employees and our clients.
My leadership credo is: I am an energetic and inspirational leader, so that my team can follow me with similar dynamism and motivation in order to reach our common goals. I focus on our employees so that they can focus on to perform their work efficiently and with the highest quality for the sake of our customers.