Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment

The IEC/EN/MSZ EN 62368-1 standard is a recent product safety standard, which was introduced to replace IEC 60065 “AudIo, Video and similar electronical equipment” and IEC 60950 “Information technology equipment” standards. It is mandatory to apply this standard as of December 2020.

Testing and Assessment for smart & connected devices, IoT & IIoT

Securing intelligent devices, network and information systems for the rapidly growing number of the actors of the digitalizing value chain has been deemed as a key objective in an effort to keep the digital and connected economy functional and secure; it is evident, that a proper and thorough, independent functional and security analysis, testing, conformity assessment and certification are enablers for putting into operation the so called smart components and systems.

Obviously, there are risks of different kind and levels implied, which have to be managed! With our professional third-party approach, technical experts and services they shall be managed appropriately, proportionally and economically!

The smart components and systems are typically connected, a certain quantity of data is sensed, cumulated, processed, transferred. A part of the devices has also remote management functions and further there is an exploding tendency for the built-in artificial intelligence (see autonomous, self-regulating systems), which again increases the complexity of the mandatory assessment of related risks.

The manufacturer has to prove the safety and effectiveness of the given smart device in the given use case, as the minimal requirement. Further there are numerous regulatory requirements to be in compliance with. Our laboratory assumes the relevant technical standards, against which the behavior of the given device is compared. Beyond the functional tests the security evaluations are also provided, again based on standards and certification frame works (e.g. common criteria)

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